DeMarini Batpack Bat Bag

DeMarini Batpack Bat Bag:

The DeMarini Batpack Bat Bag is in line with the new wave of equipment storage. Slipping on all of your equipment like you would your school backpack is a much more convenient process than ever before. Especially with comfort plus adjust straps. Two examples of premiere Batpack bat bags delivered by DeMarini are the Rebirth and the Aftermath. Both include:
  • A large main compartment that fits helmet, glove, and additional gear
  • A Fleece lined cell phone packet
  • A Vented shoe compartment
Why pass up a backpack of regular size that can fit all the equipment a traditional, horizontally long bag can barely squeeze in? That would be downright irresponsible. Moreover, these three headlining attributes are just a few of the many similarities that crossover between both of these bags, and plenty more made available with the DeMarini stamp of approval.


Arguably the most popular backpack in the game, the Voodoo Rebirth takes DeMarini's status and reputation to a whole new level. Built with updated neoprene bat sleeves and optimal customization, people will know those who don it are rocking the latest release when they walk by. Its molded barrel lock bat sleeves hold up to two bats. A removal decoration panel is also capable of fitting a 12'' hoop. Along the same lines, durable J style hooks enhance fence hang potential and sturdiness. Furthermore, this waterproof backpack bat bag has everything a ballplayer needs in terms of organization. If you never want to misplace or scuff up your gear again, then this bag serves as your best bet.   Aftermath: As opposed to the Rebirth, the Aftermath includes a whopping 4 bat limit within their bat sleeves. Moreover, the bag is so catered to the needs of the elite caliber ballplayer that is can honestly pack as much pop as any one of your bats. With this equipment storer, you will be locked and loaded come game time. An embroider panel which lends easy customization makes it a sight for strong eyes. In the Aftermath Batpack, DeMarini's true colors really do shine, perfectly demonstration their insane dedication to performance.  

Closing Thoughts:

With either one of these backpacks, you will be more than ready to strut to the field with style and poise. But just remember, these two represent only a fraction of the backpacks DeMarini has to offer. So become an athlete with an appreciation for the intangibles today!

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