CF Zen Drop 5 bat

CF Zen Drop 5 bats are making a name for themselves in the BBcor community, leaving their mark all over home run territory. BBcor has reached new heights with the addition of the CF Zen bat, it's composition has a unique consistency making it a lethal tool at the plate. You can feel the difference in weight and power holding one of these bad boys. Demarini makes the CF Zen model bats, they're one of their best sellers because of their unique structure. That structure being the paraflex composite, giving it more strength and potential energy behind each swing.

Drop 5 Ratio

Demarini wanted the CF Zen Drop 5 bat to be a land mark for future bats to come. What makes the CF Zen so special is it' well rounded attributes, making it a bona fide batting machine. As mentioned earlier, the CF Zen has its own unique paraflex composite. To amplify this, you can get the CF Zen in a dropped weight. For those who are unaware of the true meaning of dropped weight, read carefully. The Drop weight refers to the length to weight ratio of the bat. For example we have a CF Zen Drop 5 bat. In more real terms this could mean that the bat is 30 inches in length and 25 ounces in weight. The difference of five makes it a drop 5 bat. Essentially what this means is that by getting a lower drop weight, you are compacting more material per inch of bat. In this case, a drop 5 is somewhat low, resulting in more material per inch. Like  I had mentioned earlier, this will amplify the effects of the sweet spot. With more material, that puts more force behind the ball on contact. And before you know it, you'll be rounding the bases and awaiting a dog pile at home plate.

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