CF Zen BBcor bats

With BBcor bats becoming the offensive tool of choice for leagues all over the globe, you should go with the CF Zen BBcor bat. With composite bats making a huge surge into the baseball and softball community, you need to stand out with one of the best. The popularity of composites lies within its core, allowing you to swing with extreme speed. Made for smooth cuts and explosive release, it'll be your best friend at the plate.


When it comes to reaching that sweet spot, there's nothing better than a CF Zen BBcor bat. Weight wise it is perfectly balanced but as a bat it also has proportional attributes. Between the material, weight, barrel size, you couldn't ask for much more. These factors help give this bat the uplifting power and great handling. having complete control on your swing makes you a lethal component in your line up. Being able to drive hits to certain parts of the field helps your team thrive and work together. You'll make your mark as an elite batter when you show up with a CF Zen BBcor bat. The CF Zen has it's own specific formula for its composite composition, making it stronger than other leading composites. And it's sleek design gives it an intimidating gaze towards any opposing pitcher. When you rip into a pitch with this bat, just start running as fast as you can. You'll be lining balls over players heads when you hit the paraflex composition sweet spot. The paraflex is the name of the specific composite, giving it that extra pop off the bat. The CF Zen takes that regulation to its outer limits, giving it some of the best pop you'll find. So stop wasting time and come to Baseball Bargains to pick up your newest BBcor bat.  

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