Catching Gear Softball

Catching Gear Softball:

Catching Gear Softball designs take from the best in store for the baseball market to obtain crossover success. While at the same time, the manufacturers who craft them emphasize the importance of creating a unique end result. With technology more advanced than ever before, softball catcher's equipment has redefined the game. Top flight companies like All Star, Easton, Mizuno, and more supply fastpitch and softball backstops with the gear they deserve. Gear, which obviously will include the big three: a helmet, a chest protector, and leg / shin guards. A strong example of premier catching gear softball specific in nature is the Easton Prowess Fastpitch Quikfit age 9-12 Catcher's Box Set, YOUTH.

Easton Prowess Fastpitch Quikfit age 9-12 Catcher's Box Set, YOUTH:

  • Prowess™ Catcher's Helmet (youth, fits hat size 6 1/8 - 7)
    • Dual finish matte/gloss shell
    • Die cut eva foam
    • 3 strap system for desired fit and lock
  • One Piece Prowess™ Chest Protector (13.5", collar bone to waist)
    • Four point strap adjustment system
    • RCT™ rebound control technology
  • Prowess™ Qwikfit™ Leg Guards (13.5" center of knee cap to ankle bone)
    • IKP (Inner Knee Protection) - strategically placed memory foam
    • Easy to use button hooks with a single pull strap
    • Internal plate protection system
Specially designed for the youth fastpitch player, this set has intermediate and adult sized counterparts. Additionally, there is nothing stopping those who use the adult versions from donning them in slowpitch softball. Especially those who would initially be reluctant to wear a mask in adult softball leagues. Each year, that sport gradually moves toward lending the catcher more protection due to the looming presence of potential injury. And who can blame them? As for the youth collection of Easton Prowess QuikFit fastpitch catcher's equipment, it gets its "QuikFit" categorization with a knack for allowing the young catcher the ability to suit up speedily without the aid of a parent, coach, or teammate. What a luxury.  
Closing Thoughts:
The above listed example is just one of many premier catchers gear sets made specifically for the softball player. So not limit yourselves. Find the equipment that best suits you, and then you will know what it means to perform with elite caliber ease.

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