Catchers Gear Backpack

Catchers Gear Backpack:

The Catcher's Gear Backpack is a maximum convenience equipment storer. With the athletic backpack paving the way, it was only a matter time before catchers got their own design model specially catered for them. As a result, all companies that offer Catchers Gear Backpacks have employed their manufacturers to widen the vented main compartment. This ensures that enough spaciousness is lent for a backpack held on both shoulders to pack both a catcher's set and additional equipment or accessories.  

Catchers Backpack Example:

The Easton ED610CP Catchers Gear Backpack is strong example of what to expect with a premier, catcher specific equipment storer. Built to hold all of your catcher's gear, and then some. The backpack comes equipped with Easton's Sport Utility 2.0 functionality. In addition to a customary, vented main compartment, an interior shelf lends unprecedented organization. Other features include:
  • A separate vented compartment for cleats
  • Side mesh sleeves for leg guards; folding when not in use recommended
  • An external strap and buckle for attaching a glove, helmet
  • Two fully lined bat sleeves

Additional Backpack Convenience:

A catcher used to carrying or wheeling two arms full of equipment to and from each game and practice needs not worry for much longer. You won't need to grow a third arm anytime soon, as the functionality of a backpack explains itself. With all your essential equipment strapped over your arms and behind you, you can now look ahead at what's in front of you. And better yet, your hands are now free to hold a cooler for your drinks, or any other equipment that could not fit into your backpack. Multiple trips to and from the car have become a thing of the past. All thanks to the Catchers Gear Backpack that always has your back, literally.

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