All star system 7 youth catchers gear

All star system 7 youth catchers gear

The all star system 7 youth catchers gear set is the one of the best deals you'll find on the market today. It's fully equipped with some of the most reliable catching components in the game but it gets even better. But first, you should know why All Star is such a reliable source for getting you suited up. Some sporting goods industries take decades before they start seeing improvements in their market. All star has only been around since the late 1990's but they have seen exponential success. You can witness the hard work and professionalization in the all star system 7 youth catchers gear.

All systems go

With he system 7 you get endless customization and an intimidating look walking on to the field. The all star system 7 youth catchers gear is available as a set or as separate components. Either way, you walk out feeling confident in the way you look. Become a full fledged catcher, with the three essential pieces of the system 7. You'll find a catchers helmet, chest protector and leg guards all ready for action. This set isn't just about style, it's bona fide protection that'll also give you a huge confidence boost. All star has made it's mark as a big brand name and has the product to show for it. The plastic composed into each piece is ABS certified. ABS plastics have an incredible safety rating for protective sporting equipment. The helmet and leg guards use this technology and back it up with foam padding for comfort. The plastic redirects the force exerted onto it so you won't have to worry about increased injuries. Lastly the chest guard, its comprised of multiple layers of foam to also help redirect the force of an impact. Much like the leg guards and helmet, it has a softer interior layer for comfort. And a tougher exterior to take most of the damage away from you.

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