Adult Mizuno Catchers Gear

Adult Mizuno Catchers Gear:

Adult Mizuno Catchers Gear takes what their youth models offer and amplifies it to meet the needs of amateur players and beyond. So invest in a set that will take you the closest you can to the pros. Mizuno relies on their manufacturing team to deliver. And sure enough, they come through in the clutch for their client base time and time again. This is because their needs are always brought in full focus. From the very moment they get cracking on a new release, until it's ready to ship out. One example of a knockout set of Mizuno catcher's equipment tailored to adult ballplayers is the Mizuno Samurai Adult Baseball Catcher's Package.

Mizuno Samurai Adult Baseball Catcher's Package:

This set includes a G4 helmet, G3 shin guards, and an all new Samurai AirMesh chest protector. Together, these three components combine to offer superior protection, comfort, and a professional look. And they do so within a 16 and up design that meets all NOCSAW certification standards. HELMET The Samurai helmet offers a built in strategic ventilation system. This lends comfort and breathability within the helmet. Additionally, a three Layer EVA foam padding allows for a strong, steel framed mask. Lastly, an adjustable jaw pad rounds out the catchers mask helmet by providing moisture control and a soft feel. 
  • Size: 7 1/4 - 7 5/8 in
 SHIN GUARDS These guards are designed with a DryLite inner liner. DryLite deploys a print with slippage reduction as well. And both the innovation construction and stainless metal buckles offer durability throughout. A built in and patented detachable K Pad also qualifies the pair as a superior fit thanks to critical knee protection. Moreover, the flexible and protective triple knee cup doesn't hurt either. A detachable and moveable tow cap completes the guards.
  • Size: 16 1/2 in.
CHEST PROTECTOR The Chest Protector's new and simple silhouette helps eliminate angles while blocking. An AirMesh back makes the protector as top flight as they come. Snaps on the detachable wings guarantee the gear will move as one single piece. Added velcro on its neck straps lends increased maneuverability. And finally, pre curved shoulder pads let in maximum comfort and a reduced movement restriction.
  • Size: 16 in.

Closing Thoughts:

Do not just limit to yourself to doing recon on the Samurai. It's just one of many different Mizuno catchers gear models after all. Find the one that best suits you, and you will be well on your way!

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