6 Finger Glove

6 Finger Glove:

The 6 Finger Glove is a special, custom made sight to behold. Mizuno led the charge when they broke ground to design a glove for then-Minor League player Pat Venditte. And since Venditte has become an MLB middle reliever with the Oakland Athletics and Toronto Blue Jays, the demand for ambidextrous glovewear has increased. The origins of the 6 Finger Glove date back to MLB pitcher Ed Harris' flirtation with switch pitching in 1995. Having only done so for one measly inning at the tail end of his career, his Mizuno manufactured six finger glove was immediately put on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. But not before Venditte's father, who was grooming his son to switch pitch at the time, took notice. Fastfoward two decades later, Venditte is the public answer to the question: "Why can't I?" So if you're in the market for a six finger glove, you are in luck. Where they were hard to come by years ago, thanks to Venditte they have grown in circulation. And as a result, the amount of younger players who stride to throw with both hands has grown as well.  

Brand Supplies and Specific Features:

Second tier brands like Akadema and Shoeless Joe do offer youngsters their taste of the six finger model. But as mentioned, Mizuno was the first and still is the top brand who offers it. Their edition includes a thumb on each side and a dividing layer of cushion at the middle finger area. That way, the glove is easily able to slip on either hand, with the index and ring finger pockets serving as reflections of each other anyway. It's a can't miss purchase when you consider the youngster who may not feel comfortable with his perceived dominate arm. Moreover, as Venditte can attest from his youth, game by game fatigue could become a thing of the past. for if you grow tired with one arm, you can simply switch to the other for a fresh rejuvenation of arm speed.

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