4 Bat Softball Backpack

4 Bat Softball Backpack:

The 4 Bat Softball Backpack has crossed over from the sport of baseball to popularize its female centric counterpart. Having four options to choose from on call at any given moment during gameplay is crucial. You never know when you will run into a slump and need a quick change, or if your bat will unexpectedly break. Luckily, a softball player can rely on the 4 Bat Softball Backpack to cater specially to its uniquely designed, thin barreled length heavy bats. One example of such is the Gray Camouflage Chita M Softball Baseball Equipment Backpack (GYCAChitaM).  

Gray Camouflage Chita M Softball Baseball Equipment Backpack:

This bag features:
  • A medium size backpack for 10U - 13U softball players
  • Large main compartment divided into three panels for all types of equipment and also accessories
  • Panels reinforced with no. 8 double heavy duty zippers
  • Top panel big enough for youth helmet w/ mask
  • 2 Padded Back support panels specially padded for comfort; 1 in. thick, 4 x 17 in.
  • 2 Zipper pockets for balls, and then accessories
  • 2 mesh pockets for water bottles
  • Removable velcro flap; embroidery options
  A softball player deserves the same benefits a baseball player is lent. That is why the new wave of athletic backpacks has become immensely popular in softball. Maybe even more so than in baseball. So continue their strong reputation by investing in one today. There's no telling how many pieces of your equipment bound to get misplaced will end up being spared by this organization plus commodity. Purchase yours today to bring forth endless possibilities tomorrow. When you do, then and only then will you know what it means to to play the game with the utmost security. To know that regardless of how in the zone you get on the field, that when the game finally slows down you can go take a breather. And take comfort in knowing that all your gear is in tact, together, and not lost for good like it could have been in the past with an overlooked traditional bag.

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