34 softball catchers mitt

Size 34 softball catchers mitt

If you're a catcher moving up in the league and need a larger glove, you need to get a size 34 softball catchers mitt. It's never easy saying goodbye to your old glove, but now it's starting to hinder your performance. Odds are there is a glove on the market which is very similar to the one you used to own. And you can choose from  great brands like Rawlings, Mizuno,Marucci and more. A size 34 catchers mitt is very popular and offers the best features. Even if it's your first time playing, you'll be impressed with the quality and craftsmanship in these one of a kind gloves.


To start, a size 34 softball catchers glove is generally meant for players in the 14 and older age range. The age 14 and older recommended gloves range from 32.5 inches to 35 inches, so a size 34 satisfies that in between sweet spot. Now that we've established a good size, you can choose a brand to partner up with. With so many fantastic options it may be a bit difficult to decide on a new glove. Each glove comes different than the last, with their own independent features. It would be a good idea to choose a glove that complements your weak points, so you can become a well rounded catcher. Even with the extra padding already established in catchers mitts, it could still be very uncomfortable. That sting in the palm could also affect your closing speed, so you may want to consider the Mizuno Franchise. Offering a unique parashock palm pad, it protects the bottom of your hand. And has strategically placed pressure points for a quick closing motion. Like i said, each glove has its ow unique features that can help you improve on your weaknesses. So come talk to us in store and over the phone and we can set you up with the perfect glove.

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