Fastpitch Softball Gloves: Buying Guide

Fastpitch Softball Gloves: Buying Guide

Fastpitch Softball Gloves: Buying Guide

Choosing a great fastpitch softball glove can be a very difficult process. There are many factors to consider when looking for fastpitch softball gloves. Some of these factors include the position you play, the brand of the glove, and the material of the glove. It is important to do an ample amount of research to find the best glove for you. Here are some tips to choose the best possible fastpitch softball glove.


It is important to fins a glove that best suits your position for you to perform at your best. If you ply first base you are going to need a first baseman's mitt. This is because a First Baseman's glove is bigger and will help a first baseman scoop the ball and make those hard to reach catches. For middle infielders the ideal size of a glove is between 10.5" and 11.5". This smaller size allows for a shallower pocket. Cohesively these features help middle infielders get rid of the ball quickly and turn double plays quicker. A third baseman will be looking at around the same range, but can use a glove as big as 12". Another feature a third baseman should look for in a glove is increased padding. Increased padding will help protect a third baseman's hand as the hot corner receives some very hard shots. Outfielder will need a glove between 12” and 13”. This longer size helps an outfielder make tough catches. Also, outfielders should take advantage of a large glove because an outfielder does not really need to have an incredibly fast transfer.


When choosing a fast pitch softball glove it is important to buy from a great brand. This is because great brands tend to make gloves of higher quality. Some great brands include Wilson, Rawlings, and Mizuno. These brands all have a great reputation when it comes to making high quality fastpitch gloves.


The material a softball player chooses is largely based on preference, but there are many pros and cons that come along with both. Some of these materials include synthetic, leather, and mesh. Leather gloves are great because of their pristine durability. Leather gloves are very stable and will last you a very long time. Mesh gloves are great due to their weight. A mesh glove will feel a lot lighter than a leather glove on the hand and will help a softball player move around quicker. Synthetic is great because they are very light and they usually come at a great price. Use these tips when purchasing fastpitch softball gloves and buy your gloves here from Baseball Bargains.

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