Batting Gloves - How to Choose

Batting Gloves - How to Choose

Choosing the correct pair of batting gloves can be one of the most important decisions facing ballplayers of any age and is an important step in finding the correct tools they need to succeed.  When choosing, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account before the right pair is found. The most important factor in choosing the right gloves is finding the ones that fit the best. Most traditional batting gloves come in standard adult and youth sizes ranging anywhere from X-Small to XX-Large. In addition, they are designed to accommodate a large range of hand sizes and shapes. The most common mistake young players make when choosing new gloves is picking ones that are too large and don’t properly fit their hands. They should fit tight against the skin and feel almost like a second-skin when they are properly adjusted using the velcro straps. Most players shy away from tighter gloves instead choosing a size that causes them to hang slightly loose. Thus, they end up using gloves that are too big causes the excess leather to rub against the skin. As a result, they end up causing painful blisters or even tearing through the material. The smaller size holds the leather taught against the skin and bat handle to allow players to utilize all of the features that are implemented to optimize grip and improve control.

Got the Size - Now What?

Once you have the right size the next step is finding out which type  fits your style of play. Some players choose to use their batting gloves strictly at the plate while others prefer wearing one under their fielding glove for additional protection when playing defense. Some are built with additional padding in the finger joints, others with superior grip and some others that are specially ventilated for improved comfort. What players need to decide is what they want out of their batting gloves. If it is improved control at the plate it might be wise to choose a pair of gloves that features extra-tack in the palm. They should also have durable leather that will last through multiple summers of batting cages and doubleheaders. Gloves that might also be used in the field should feature bulkier padding around the forefinger and thumb to reduce impact strain on vulnerable areas of the hand. Properly ventilated gloves are important as well and many newer models feature innovative technologies that properly circulate air and pull moisture from the skin. Once you find your optimal blend of grip, comfort and protection you can start to look at more superficial features. Many players find confidence in their ability to match on the field and synching the colors of their team’s uniform seems to be more important than ever for today’s young ballplayer. Most batting glove models today come in a variety of colors that can meet the unique needs and preferences of individual players so they can build confidence in their appearance and their play.

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