Wilson A1K: Iconic and Affordable

Wilson A1K: Iconic and Affordable

The Affordability of the Wilson A1K

The Wilson A1K series is a great glove line that produces excellent quality gloves at an extremely affordable price for their quality. Similar to Wilson's A2K line, the A1K features major league player's model gloves like the DP15. Wilson is one of the best companies when it comes to producing an excellent glove at an affordable cost. The A1K series is quite possibly the best line of gloves that depicts Wilson's quality for price ratio. With many of the more expensive gloves coming in at around $400 the A1k series is on average around $200. Though, still a pretty penny, for a great glove that will both last you long and produce on the field. Wilson uses their very own rolled dual welting on this series that provides an excellent feel. This signature feature gives a more natural feel to the glove and allows for ultimate comfort for players. The series also features a variety of different gloves, making a perfect glove for every position. The series features models a catcher's glove, a first baseman's glove, infielders gloves, outfielders gloves, and gloves for pitchers. Each glove is home to its own special feature that make it unique in comparison to other gloves on the market. You simply cannot go wrong with the A1K series.

Why Wilson?

Besides the fact that the A1K series a great line within Wilson's company, Wilson is just a great glove company. They are at the top of the chain when it comes to their gloves. They are most famous for the A2000 series, but the A1K series is also extremely high quality. Although it is not the top glove line for Wilson, they still put as much effort into the making of these gloves. Wilson is a company that prides themselves on producing excellent products consistently. The A1K series does not fall short of this expectation as they put care into each and every model they make. The other fantastic thing about this series is their excellent break in. The process is quick, yet ensures the glove is perfectly fit to your hand. This is due to the top shelf leather that Wilson uses on the gloves produced in the series. This process is simply perfect for anyone. Thus, your glove will be ready in no time. It will fit your hand perfectly. The Wilson A1K is simply iconic and affordable

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