Rawlings Renegade: A Great Value

Rawlings Renegade: A Great Value

Finding the right glove for you can be a very difficult process. There are many factors that go into choosing the right glove. Some of these factors include the brand of the glove, the series of the glove and also the price of the glove. It is incredibly tough to find a glove that satisfies all three criteria, but there is a couple out there. One of these gloves is the Rawlings Renegade. The Renegade is a great glove for someone to purchase and here is why.

The Rawlings Brand:

As mentioned above when looking for a glove the brand is very important. This is because when you buy from a reputable brand the product is guaranteed to be of high quality. The Rawlings brand has a great tradition of creating the highest quality of gloves. Rawlings opened their doors in 1887 and since has been one of the top brands in the game. Rawlings products are of such high quality they have had many pros use their equipment in the MLB. Some of these pros include Francisco Lindor, Yadier Molina, and also Curtis Granderson. If these pros choose Rawlings it would be remiss for you not to consider their products.

The Rawlings Renegade Series:

Not only is the Rawlings brand legit, the Renegade series is as well. Some of the features the Renegade include a pro micro lining, a cushioned palm pad, and also a neo flex back. The pro micro lining provides a ballplayer with an unmatched feel, the cushioned palm pad gives a ballplayer extra protection, and the neo flex back allows a ballplayer to feel as if there is nothing on their hands. The Renegade series is one of the best in the game and anybody on the market to buy a glove should consider it.


This standard applies to any piece of equipment you will ever buy. How much does the product cost? Any glove in the Renegade series goes for around $50 making this one of the best prices on the market. Most gloves of this quality go for well over $100, so why would you buy any other glove.

Who should buy a Renegade Glove:

All the gloves in the Renegade series are great for new ballplayers and those who aren't necessarily highly competitive. There is no other glove on the market that performs this great and has this low of a price. So, purchase yourself a Rawlings Renegade today.

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