Nokona Brand: Made in America

Nokona Brand: Made in America

The Brand that is Nokona

The way the world is today, something from China can easily make a sale in the United States. With all of the technology that is present in the world today, anything can be anywhere within just a few days. This increases global trade, and in the baseball market, many products ship from elsewhere. This is not a bad thing as it increases competition, and increases the demand for high quality products. But, some players prefer products made in America. So, Nokona is one of few companies that does makes there gloves in America for the customers that want this. And, their products are extraordinary. These are just a few reasons why Nokona is now on the best companies in the baseball market. Do you know what Nokona's mission is as a company? If not, it is to provide great gloves, while feeding back to the American economy. They do not outsource jobs in other countries, everything they do, influences the American economy in some sort of way. This is the reason that they have become such a popular company over the years. They will always have loyal customers that pride themselves in buying into the economy of the United States. Considering baseball is America's pastime, it is great to see a company that keeps this tradition in America.

Handmade Tradition

Nokona is in Nocona, Texas and sell their products worldwide. This is due the excellent quality of their gloves. All of their gloves are handmade, resulting in a very special product for everyone that buys one. They use only the finest of leathers in the production of their gloves. Nokona is simply not just a business, the name comes with years of tradition that must be upheld. The techniques that they use to make their gloves is a formula that is over 80 years old. Also, with this formula Nokona continues to innovate, but keep to its traditions. It's simple, sweet things that make Nokona as wonderful as it is. For example, they celebrate their employees. Helen Ulbig is an employee at the Nokona factory, and has been since 1962. Nokona is having a celebration for her and other employees that have been working there ranging from 5-55 years. All friends, and family are welcome to this event for a celebration of excellence that the employees deserve. Because of this many customers will buy a glove from them. They treat their employees right and that itself is a great marketing tool. Everything that this company does is done with pride. This is something that can't be forgotten when buying baseball equipment. So, come find your Nokona products today at the Baseball Bargains website!

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