Mizuno MVP Prime SE Outfield Glove GMVP1277PSE5 vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS Outfield Glove

Mizuno MVP Prime SE Outfield Glove GMVP1277PSE5 vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS Outfield Glove Mizuno MVP Prime SE Outfield Glove GMVP1277PSE5 vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS Outfield GloveMizuno MVP Prime SE Outfield Glove GMVP1277PSE5 vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS Outfield Glove

Mizuno MVP Prime SE Outfield Glove GMVP1277PSE5

Baseball players love to make the flashy plays, so why not make those plays while looking flashy too? The Mizuno MVP Prime SE is not a glove that you will see to often. This Mizuno outfield glove doesn’t look like an ordinary glove. This outfield glove is not black, tan or brown. But rather, the experts at Mizuno have created a outfield glove that has a unique colorway. Designed to catch your eyes, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE GMVP1277PSE5 comes in a wide variety of colors, including black/orange, black/smoke, navy/red, red/black, royal/red, silver/red/navy, and smoke/red. Even though Mizuno put a lot of effort into making the glove look good, they also put a lot into its performance. Created to serve the outfielder, Mizuno has included some of their best technology and leather. The glove is created using a professional style bio soft leather that is sure to be durable and tough while still being flexible and soft. This mixture is the perfect balance and is something that is perfect for an outfielder. Created to give you an elite fit and feel, this glove will give you an insane feel of control. With awesome control, you will be able to make those diving and sliding catches in the outfield. To go with that, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE features a shock 2 web design that is made to give outfielders a large web and pocket that is great for robbing the home runs. In the outfield, there is a lot of ground to cover so you do need a glove that will give you a large catching surface. Also, Mizuno has given this glove a center pocket design pattern that gives the glove a natural pocket about your index fingers, as well as a versatile break in. Lastly, the glove has a plus grip thumb that will help to protect your thumb while also adding some extra cushion and comfort. Mizuno and the game of baseball go hand in hand. For over a century now, the experts have been producing insane products that meet the expectations of elite players.

Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS Outfield Glove

When purchasing a baseball glove, you always desire to do so from a company with an incredible baseball pastime. Rawlings proclaims their strong values and superiority for creating baseball gloves, with their new Heritage Pro Series. Any mitt from this series is a great choice, including this Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS. Rawlings Heritage Pro gloves effectual combine pro patterns with moldable padding. This allows users a pro style looking mitt, that simplifies the break-in process. The Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS 12.75 in Baseball Glove has double-tanned shell leather and Tennessee Tanning rawhide lacing. This authorizes the glove to have an unmatched caliber of durability. The product also has Deer Tanned plus cowhide palm lining, that gives users a comfortable feel and pocket shape. These Rawlings outfield gloves show off a Thermoformed wrist strap lining, that supplies a firm hand fit and keeps users dry by transferring moisture from the skin. Additionally there is a padded thumb loop and split leather welting in this glove. This particular model from the Heritage Pro Series line is a powerful choice for those positioned in the outfield. It is 12.75 inches in size, has a Pro H Web, and a Conventional Back. It also comes with a special finger shift design. When buying a product, it’s never a bad idea to do so from a company that has been around the block more than a few times. Few companies are more experienced than Rawlings, the maker of this glove, and an organization that has been around since 1887. Over the years the quality of this company’s products has not dropped off one bit. Rawlings remains one of the top baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry today. The Heritage Pro Series truly showcases Rawlings incredible talent for making baseball gloves. Even star players like Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson use these Rawlings outfield gloves. The Rawlings Heritage Pro HPW303DSBFS is a fantastic choice for any serious ballplayer.

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