Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXF50PSE5 vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS First Basemans Mitts

Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXF50PSE5 Baseball First Baseman Mitt vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS Baseball First Basemans Mitts Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXF50PSE5 vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS First Basemans MittsMizuno MVP Prime SE GXF50PSE5 vs. Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS First Basemans Mitts

Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXF50PSE5 First Basemans Mitts

For first basemen looking for a new glove to take on the field this upcoming season, consider the Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXF50PSE5 baseball first baseman mitt. Very few first basemans mitts on the market come with more durability, versatility, and flexibility than this glove. This mitt will be ready to go on the field as soon as you are. It comes with Oil Soft Plus Leather, and is very easy to break in. No need to deal with stiff glove joints that prohibit flexibility and mobility. The leather of this glove comes to you already pre-oiled, saving you unnecessary time and effort. The leather also provides users an exceptional and firm feel on their glove hand during game action. With the Mizuno MVP Prime SE GXF50PSE5, baseballs will never slip through your grip. This glove comes with a specially engineered closed back, which help reinforces its pocket in critical areas. This item is extremely versatile. Its deep pocket makes it great to use in baseball and softball games. That means this glove can help you succeed in just about any league you sign up for over the course of your next baseball year. The center of the glove, particularly in the pocket area, has been extended to give an added surface area and increased durability while out in the field. Users of this product will easily be able to grab hold of wild throws from their teammates. You will also have no issue making quick transfers on cut off plays from the outfield. The glove also has professional level lacing, which offers the same durability level as Mizuno’s professional level gloves. The product comes at a size of 13 inches, and is also very light. This glove can be ordered for a right handed or left handed fielder. This makes it a great choice for any first baseman . The glove looks great too, and comes in seven different color combinations. These color combo options include, black/orange, black/smoke, navy/red, red/black, royal/red, silver/red/navy, and smoke/red. This baseball first baseman’s glove comes from one of the top and most reliable sporting goods companies in the industry, in Mizuno. This manufacturer has been around for over a century.  They know what players truly need to succeed out on the field. When it comes to sporting goods equipment that you plan on using at a frequent level for multiple years, going to an experienced seller like Mizuno is always a good idea.

Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS First Basemans Mitts

When purchasing a baseball mitt, you always hope to do so from a company with a powerful baseball heritage. Rawlings certainly lives up to the that claim. They showcase their strong tradition and excellence for creating baseball gloves, with their new Heritage Pro Series. Any glove from this series is a powerful option, including this Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS First Baseman Mitt. You are sure to love this glove, and here are just a few of the reasons why. Rawlings Heritage Pro gloves combines pro patterns with moldable padding. This gives consumers a professional looking mitt, that comes with an simple and swift break-in process. The gloves in this series also come with eye catching color merger. The Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS 13 in First Baseman Mitt has double-tanned shell leather and Tennessee Tanning rawhide lacing. This permits the glove to have an unmatched degree of durability. The product also has Deer tanned leather and cowhide palm lining, that supplys users with an undoubtedly cozy feel and pocket retention. This glove features a Thermoformed wrist strap lining, that contributes a firm hand fit and keeps users cool by removing perspiration from the skin. Additionally, there is a padded thumb loop and split leather welting in this mitt. This model from the Heritage Pro Series line is a smart choice for those positioned at first base. It is 13 inches in size, has a Single Post Double Bar Web, and a Conventional Back. When investing in a product, it’s never an inferior idea to do so from a business that has been around the block more than a few times. Few manufacturers are as mastered as Rawlings, the architect of this glove, and an organization that has been around since 1887. Over the years the form of this company’s products has astoundingly not dropped off one bit, as Rawlings remains one of the top baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry today. The Heritage Pro Series frankly showcases Rawlings wonderful talent for making baseball gloves. Even star players like Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson use these gloves. The Rawlings Heritage Pro HPWDCTWDS 13 in First Baseman Mitt is a superb choice for any serious ballplayer.

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