First Base Mitt: What to Know Before You Buy

First Base Mitt: What to Know Before You Buy

First Base Mitt

A first base mitt can be a difficult thing to handle when you first go out to buy it. You may not know what style fits you best and what type of brand you prefer. Also, how the price is representing the quality and the longevity of the mitt. Well, we have the answers here at Baseball Bargains. First off, you have to decide what kind of leather and close you like for your glove. You have to realize if you like a loose leather that will close very easily. Or, if you like a stiff leather that sticks to the mold of your hand. Also, you want to look for a mitt that has a deep pocket so you can pick and secure all the balls that come your way. With a deep pocket, it will be a lot easier to hold on balls with weird spin.


To start, Rawlings has some great first base mitt's. Their mitts include the pro Preferred models, the Heart of the Hide, and the Gold Glove. They also have mitts in the Renegade series. But, we will talk about their Pro Preferred model as it is their top shelf glove and represents the brand. The Pro Preferred model is a glove that will last you a long time and will stick to the original mold of your hand. I would suggest steaming this glove so it can get a exact mold. This mitt has a very deep pocket and will hold onto any ball. You know the sound off this glove represents the high quality leather as it pops off of it. Not to mention, the HOTH mitt is another great addition to Rawlings arsenal, as it is also stiff and has a tough close.


Mizuno is another great manufacturer in first base mitt's. Their top shelf mitt is the Pro Limited. This line of first base mitts is very similar to Rawlings as it is a tough leather and produces that same pop when a ball makes contact with it. As previously mentioned, the pop represents great leather or just a really hard throw. But, most of the time it is the leather doing to talking. The Pro Limited mitt is above all other mitts, and is represented by the price. It is the most expensive item on our website, selling for $599. They make them out of some great raw hide leather and it shows results on the field. Overall, a great mitt for first baseman.

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