First Base Glove - What You Need to Know to Choose

First Base Glove - What You Need to Know to Choose

How to Pick a First Base Glove

For any first baseman, getting the right glove is essential to their success. Many players prefer a different style when using a first base glove and therefore choose different companies that they like. The top companies seen when your at a game are Wilson, Rawlings, and Mizuno. All three of these companies bring something else to the table and bring their own style into the game.  When you see Wilson gloves, you mostly see the A2000 or the A2K. When you see a Rawlings, it is usually a Pro Preferred or a Heart of The Hide. Lastly, Mizuno is mostly a Pro Limited glove. All five gloves offer similar but also very different features.


First, you need to figure out what size you are most comfortable with. Just like shoes, the sizes vary by company, but it is good to have a general idea what size you are. The only way to figure out what size you are is going to a local sports store and trying some gloves on even if they don't have the glove you are looking for. Try to keep it company specific as well. Also, if you wear a batting glove under your glove, it is good to go a size up or to leave a little wiggle room when you try on a glove. Your also going to want to break it in with a batting glove on. You don't want to find out how uncomfortable the glove is when you play in the first game using it.


Next, you need to decide how much a glove is worth to you. Gloves can reach up to $600 and they make them for player's who dedicate a lot of time to baseball. Or, you can be a casual player looking for something a lot cheaper. You need to decide how much you are willing to spend before you search for gloves because once you fall in love, it is hard to settle. It is a hard thing to settle for another glove once your mind is set on a model, there is no going back.


After pricing, you need to find out what company you prefer. You can figure this out by trying on your teammates gloves. Or, you can ask around and decide what features you like on your teammates gloves. Each company brings something else to the table. Wilson's have a stiffer hand pockets and tougher leather. With the super skin leather, these gloves are great. Wilson builds the A2000 and A2K very well, but welt the A2k three times over, making for a tough glove. The Mizuno Pro Limited is also a fantastic glove. The glove is made out of the best leather and is intended for serious players. This glove reaches $600 and is of the highest quality on the market. Rawlings gloves are usually softer in the hand pocket and a wider pocket. Many people like this feature as it gives them a better chance at picking baseballs. Everybody has their own preference in style, but once you figure out what you are looking for, the process is relatively easy to find a glove. Just know that the glove you buy now needs to last. You want to find a first base glove can be beat up from picking balls and such. Be confident that the glove you pick will last the next few seasons. Also, you need to take care of first base glove extra carefully. You need to keep the pocket deep and well rounded. When you don't take care of it in the off season, you don't get the results in April.      

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