Baseball Bat: How Do I Decide?

I can’t decide between two/three different baseball bat's, what should I do?

Choosing a new baseball bat can be a difficult decision, especially in the modern market. It contains so many models that make it difficult to decide between bats that are right for an individual player. There are several strategies to choosing a bat online. It'll allow you to sift through all the clutter and uncover an offensive tool that will give you the most value for your money. Also, provide consistent performance over many years.

One of those strategies is to take other, similar bats out for a dry run. The majority of new models are very similar in size and structure to their predecessors. You can get a good feel for the new bats by swinging some old ones. Of course, it is important to get a thorough understanding of the updated features on the newer models so you can account for any difference you might find. For example, one-piece models that are preferable choice of powers hitters can have a lack of flex but some one-piece models are becoming more and more flexible so some older models may not be an accurate representation of the latest and greatest.


Another strategy is to try out different bats that you would not normally use. Or, maybe you have not ever attempted to swing. Models with different constructions such as one, two or three-piece models all perform differently. And, typically may suit one style hitter over another. The barrel and sweet spot technology is different depending on the model. You should pay extra attention to the purpose and design of that technology all of which can be found on the manufacturer website or other related sites.

Using bats that you might no necessarily be comfortable with is not so much to find out what you DO like as much as it is to find out what you don’t. The number of amenities in modern bats has increased so much that players are able to choose bats that meet their exact needs, so finding out which qualities don’t work for you can go a long way in ensuring you get the right bat.

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