Baseball Bats: Guarantee the Most Out of Yours

A baseball bat can be the single most important thing to a player's success at the plate. And picking baseball bats up and finding the one to help you can be tough. A bat must be comfortable for a player and it must feel right. For example, top heavy bats are more suited for power hitters, and balanced bats are suited for contact hitters. Now these are just the basics of choosing your bat. The size of your bat can also determine how well you perform at the plate. Simply, follow the advice from this article and watch your success increase up at the plate. Also, knowing what league you are in and what their requirements they have on what baseball bats they allow is a huge factor in deciding what bat is for you. This is because many leagues have different standards for the length to weight ratio. Although, the standard for players in 90 foot bases leagues is a drop 3 bat. But, some leagues and tournaments allow a wide variety of bats, so you never know what you might need. Thus, being knowledgeable about what you need is the first step to buying the right bat for you.

What Kind of Hitter Are You?

The second step to finding your bat to find what is best for you. How are you going to do that? Simple. You need to know what kind of hitter you are. As stated before, are you a power hitter or a contact hitter. If you are a power hitter, search for top heavy bats that will help your swing for the long ball. If you are a contact hitter, look for a bat that has a balanced swing weight. This will help you get your bat through the zone faster, increasing your chances of making contact, and drilling a game winning hit.

Composite or Alloy

Another factor in choosing your new baseball bat is whether you want a composite bat or an aluminum alloy bat. Composite bats need a few hundred swings in them before they are broken in. This will ensure that a composite bat can reach its full potential. Aluminum alloy bats are ready to go straight out of the factory. They are also a great option for hitters everywhere. Along with what kind of material, you also have to decide if you want a one piece or a two piece bat. Each kind of bat has their own specific pros, along with their own specific cons. One piece bats use one piece of metal, as the name might suggest. These bats have a stiffer feeling when hitting the ball. There is little flex in the bat, so no energy is lost on contact which results in more power. So, generally one piece bats are better for power hitters. Two piece bats use different pieces for the handle and barrel, and are put together to make one bat. This creates a whipping sensation when swinging the bat, so you can get the bat through the zone faster as it whips through. This can be better for contact hitters. With all of the different kinds of bats out there, it comes down to the feel of the bat that most fits your body. You must find the bat that feels right in your hands. Look through different bats, see what fits your style, and pick the one that is for you.

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