2018 Easton MAKO - The Metamorphosis of the Beast X

The 2018 Easton MAKO series of bats has evolved and been replaced. For all intents and purposes, the 2018 Ghost X series of bats has taken the place of the Mako series. The Easton MAKO series of bats from 2017 was the top bat line. It was the best choice for most players. Following this trend, the Ghost X series of bats from Easton continues to be the  top of the line bat. It is also ideal for most players. The balance of the swing weight is it's biggest draw. The player who would benefit from the Ghost X series prefers big barrel, two piece bats with a balance swing. Budget should also not be a factor for those seeking the 2018 Easton MAKO replacement Ghost X series of bats. The reason for this is because the Ghost X series of bats are high quality, high performance pieces of equipment that will provide years of use. Despite the name change, there are similarities between the Ghost X and its predecessor.

The 2018 Easton Ghost

The Ghost X will come in numerous sizes like the MAKO series that came before it. Also like the MAKO, the Ghost X series is a two piece composite bat with a light swing weight and a big barrel. Furthermore, the Ghost X series continues to aid players who have difficulty finding the sweet spot. On the other hand, the reason that the 2018 Easton MAKO became the 2018 Ghost series lies in the differences. There are significant improvements that Easton implemented in the composite structure of the Ghost series of bats. Chief among these was producing a larger sweet spot while maintaining an identical size barrel. In addition, the CXN connective piece, present in the MAKO series since its inception, has been improved and replaced. The new connective pieces is now the connection + and is more durable than CXN. These changes and improvements facilitated the transition in name from the 2018 Easton MAKO to the Ghost X. So, the Ghost X series of bats retains the best aspects of the MAKO series. It is, however, vastly different and far superior. Easton continues to set the standard in providing the best bats. This year the Easton Ghost will haunt the competition.  So, make sure you order yours today.

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