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    The Wilson A2000 Superskin OT6 12.75 in Baseball Glove is tailored made for the outfield with a 6 finger trap web that acts as an extension of the glove. Handcrafted by the experts at Wilson, the glove is light weight, durable and flexible.

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    Wilson A2000 Superskin OT6 12.75 in Baseball Glove WTA20RB16OT6SS Features:

    The Wilson A2000 Superskin OT6 12.75 inch Baseball Glove is one of the top notch outfielders gloves on the market today. Many people didn’t think there was anywhere to go after Wilson dropped the OT6 last season. In many people’s minds it was the perfect outfield glove. It already captured everything the serious outfielder was looking for in a glove.

    But guess what, Wilson says think again. Wilson and the A2000 team have reconstructed the Wilson A2000 Superskin OT6 to not only look a lot better than the previous models but now the OT6 model comes equipped with Wilson’s signature SuperSkin material. The SuperSkin is proven to be twice as tough as traditional leathers and half the weight. Thereore the glove is easier to control when looking to make the difficult play in the field. This also allows expert craftsman like Shigeaki Aso to strategically place the leather and SuperSkin in places to provide the glove with a balance weight that allows for maximum control.

    With its 6-Finger Trap Web and lengthy 12.75 inch design, the Wilson A2000 Superskin OT6 is everything outfielders want in their glove.  With the deep pocket formed with the 12.75 inch design, you will be able to secure the ball through impact with the ground or the wall when making a spectacular catch.  The black and saddle tan color scheme enhanced with white embroidered logo gives the glove a clean professional look. No matter which outfield position you patrol, this is the ideal glove for tracking down would-be doubles and throwing out ambitious runners at the plate.

    When you know the name of the manufacturer, you can rest easy.  You know you are purchasing a quality product.  The Wilson A2000 Superskin OT6 is a member of Wilson’s A2000 line.  It is probably the most well known in the industry.  You will see hundreds of the A2000’s during the MLB season. So wear what the pros wear to get to the top of your game.

    • Outfield Model
    • 6 Finger Trap Web
    • Pro Stock Leather
    • Dual Welting
    • DriLex Wrist Lining
    • WTA20RB16OT6SS

    Additional information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Glove Type
    Throwing Hand Right Hand Throw, Left Hand Throw
    Glove Size 12.75"
    Web Type Trap Web
    Product Type
    GTIN 887768359812


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