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  • Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat FPXN179 (-9)

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    The Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat FPXN179 is built for the hitter looking to add a little more pop, but likes the balanced feel of the Xeno.  The -9 weight drop adds that little extra to the massive sweet spot to help that ball get the extra carry you need.

    SKU: WTLFPXN179.


    No all bats are created equal. This is something experienced fastpitch softball hitters are well aware of. For years now, the Louisville Slugger company has set a  high bar when it comes to making exceptional softball bats. With this Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat FPXN179 (-9), they have once again created a standout product. The technological features in the design of this bat should help you make better contact than ever before this season, and see a boost in your overall offensive game. This is a must own bat for your next season, and here is why.

    The Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat FPXN179 (-9) not only has a fantastic 100 percent composite design, but features incredible IST Technology and a 2-piece bat construction. These features give hitters feel that they will love when they make contact with the ball, and will allow them to do more during the moment of contact. The quality of contact you make this season should drastically improve thanks to this amazing bat. This Xeno bat can help you produce lots of power too, thanks to its S1ID Barrel Technology. With this technology at play, you will get maximum pop on every sweet. The ball will be absolutely flying off your barrel this season, anytime you make quality contact, and your offensive numbers should greatly benefit. The item brings to the table a standard 7/8-inch handle.

    New to this bat model is a far from standard synthetic grip. This grip feels incredible on a hitter’s hands, and gives the bat an awesome overall appearance. What might be overlook with this bat, but should not be, is its balanced swing weight. When swinging with this product, no part of the bat will feel too heavy, and you will develop a nice balanced and productive swing because of that.

    The design of this Louisville Slugger bat will really catch your eye, and the eyes of your teammates. It features a terrific barrage of fun colors, so get ready for lots of compliments. The Xeno and Louisville Slugger logos also appear on the is bat and look awesome. This item comes in three different sizes, with lengths ranging from 32 to 34 inches. Order the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Bat FPXN179 (-9) now, and watch your hitting experience see a major improvement.

    Additional information

    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 36 x 3 x 3 in
    Product Type
    Bat Type
    Bat Weight 23oz, 24oz, 25oz
    Bat Size 32", 33", 34"
    Barrel Diameter 2 1/4"
    Size/Weight 32" 23oz, 33" 24oz, 34" 25oz
    GTIN 887768492816


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