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    The Allstar Vela Pro Adult Fastpitch Catchers Set holds nothing back, giving you a helmet, chest protector and leg guards. Coming in red, royal, navy and black, this catcher set will catch your eye while providing you with durability, comfort, flexibility and most importantly performance.

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    Allstar Vela Pro Adult Fastpitch Catchers Set Features:

    The Allstar Vela Pro Adult Fastpitch Catchers Set is a combination of elite-quality protective gear that is engineered to better meet the demands of the fastpitch game. This set includes a MVP2500 catcher’s mask, CPW12.5S7 chest protector and the LGW14.5S7 leg guards. All of which are for elite protection and long-lasting durability. The MVP2500 is a solid-colored molded catcher’s mask that is made from ABS impact resistant plastic shaped into a competitive, consistent design that will fit securely around a player’s head. This mask will protect vulnerable areas of the neck and face. An exclusive I-Bar Vision Cage improves a catcher’s visibility with flattened eye openings thats drastically improves field of vision for better receiving. 3D mesh padding and a moisture controlled liner improve protection while offering a comfortable fit.

    The CPW14.5S7 Chest Protector is specifically for fastpitch players with a thin, lightweight designt. Internal PE plates around the vulnerable areas of the torso interact with wedged shaped abdominal padding that helps corral balls in the dirt and keep them within arms reach to keep aggressive baserunners at bay.

    This chest protector is machine washable and comes in a variety of distinctive color patterns. The LGW14.5S7 is a double-knee leg guard offers great protection, while still allowing a player to move around freely. An exclusive DeltaFlex harness reduces the amount of pressure put on the leg. It does this by using harness straps. Adjustable D30 padding around the shin and knee limit abuse taken by fragile areas of the leg and offer a comfortable foundation for the legs during high stress play or training sessions.

    Coming from Allstar this set will not disappoint. The Allstar company has been around for a long time and has been one of the top companies since. Allstar provides quality equipment from the youth level to the pro level, with no break in quality. If you want a kit of incredible quality, then Allstar is the company for you. So, make sure you purchase this quality kit here from Baseball Bargains.

    • MVP2500 mask
    • CPW14.5S7 Chest Protector
    • LGW14.5S7 Leg Guards
    • CKW1-S7

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    Weight 2 lbs
    Color Black, Dark Green, Maroon, Navy, Purple, Royal, Scarlet, Silver
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    GTIN 029343019456
    Gender Female


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