Wilson A2K B2 12 inch Pitchers Gloves

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Wilson A2K B2 12 inch Pitchers Gloves

Wilson A2K B2 12 inch Pitchers Gloves

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Wilson A2K B2 12 inch Pitchers Gloves

One great pitchers glove out there is the Wilson A2K B2 12 inch pitchers gloves. For pitchers it is important to remember you are a fielder as well. A pitcher that plays its position the right way is an asset to the entire defensive make up of the team. This is why pitchers need a glove that helps them field to the best of their ability. This is one of the best gloves out there and here is why you should consider purchasing one.

Wilson Baseball Gloves:

When looking to purchase a glove it would be remiss not to consider Wilson. Wilson is a brand that specializes in manufacturing gloves. They have been able to grow into one of the best companies in the game because of how great there products are. Wilson has received a lot of attention from pros because of the high quality of their products. Many pros including Dee Gordon and Miguel Cabrera use there products on the field. Anyone looking to purchase a glove should consider purchasing one from Wilson.

The Wilson A2K Pitchers Gloves

This glove is manufactures using pro stock leather. This leather allows the glove to last a long time and feel great on the hand of a ballplayer. This glove also contains a 2 piece closed web. Thus, this closed web is ideal for pitchers as it helps them hide their grip from opposing hitters. This glove also uses a sleek black color to make it look great as well. We have this glove available right here on the Baseball Bargains website. The Wilson A2K B2 12 inch pitchers gloves are as good as it gets. So, improve your game, start playing the best baseball of your life and purchase a Wilson A2K B2 12 inch pitchers gloves today right here from Baseball Bargains! Model: WBW10006512, WBW10006612

  • 3 times more shaping to help reduce break-in time
  • Comprised of the top five percent of our hides. The Pro Stock Leather is chosen for its consistency and flawlessness. The end result is a short break-in and long-lasting shape.
  • Rolled Dual Welting: Helps provide the long-lasting shape and quicker break-in.
  • Double Palm Construction: A perfectly shaped piece of thin leather between the palm liner and outer shell which provides maximum pocket stability.