Marucci Elite MBEBP Bat Pack

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  • Marucci Elite MBEBP Bat Pack
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Marucci Elite MBEBP Bat Pack

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Marucci Elite MBEBP Bat Pack

The Marucci Elite MBEBP Bat Pack is a very versatile bag for the very versatile person. When your at school, a lot of people like accessories or clothes that represent them. So, they have not only made a great bat pack, but they have been able to make this a school bag. So, if you love baseball and want a baseball style bag for school, this Marucci Elite baseball bag is for you. But, either way you get a lot of support from this Marucci bat pack. Bat packs are the same style as backpacks so it spreads the weight out across your shoulders and your back. This allows you to feel like your bag weighs less than it actually does and makes carrying your stuff more comfortable.

Marucci Elite Bat Pack Features

Some features to mention about the Marucci Elite MBEBP Bat Pack include the heavy duty ballistic nylon construction. This heavy duty nylon allows you to get years out of this Marucci bat pack not just a few seasons. You will be able to take this glove everywhere and not have to worry about it breaking down over time. Organization is key when it comes to baseball and school. This Marucci Elite baseball bag has a total of eight compartments to separate your gear. It makes life a lot easier when you know where everything is. You won t be rushing to get to the plate because you can t find your batting gloves again. Not to mention, it has easy side across laptop compartment for safe travel with your laptop. Lastly, The Marucci bat pack has a breathable padded mesh back to make it even more comfortable then almost any other bag out there.

Marucci Bat Pack Features

  • Heavy duty ballistic nylon construction
  • Holds two bats securely
  • Ventilated cleat compartment with rubberized bottom
  • Easy side across laptop compartment
  • School and office supply organization
  • Eight total compartments
  • Metal fence hanging clip
  • Breathable padded mesh back