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Louisville Slugger LXT WTLFPLX18A9 Softball Bat (-9)

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Louisville Slugger LXT WTLFPLX18A9 - Drop 9

The Louisville Slugger LXT WTLFPLX18A9 Softball Bats drop 9 is one of the best bats on the market today. These bats are 100% composite which is now the norm with softball bats in the fastpitch game. What makes these bats great id the patented PBF barrel technology. This technology provides hitters with a bat that has a bigger sweet spot. This means that you will have a better chance to hit a home run or a double in the gap by being able to put the ball on the sweet spot on the bat. This bat is available in 32", 33", and 34".


This bat is also ultra-balanced swing weight for maximum swing speed. Having a swing that is very fast is important in the game of softball as the pitchers get extremely close and throw fast these days. You want to be able to keep up with the pitching and the close distance.

Ultra-Light Wright X-Cap design

Another great new feature to this bat is the ultra-light weight X-Cap design. It gives you an improved swing speed and the bat has better durability. Durability is extremely important, especially if you are a serious player. If you are playing in a lot of games getting a lot of at-bats, and then practice along with cage sessions. It definitely begins to add up over time and starts to break down the bat. With the extra durability and strength built into the bat, it helps a lot and is noticeable.

TRU3 Construction

There is another great feature in this bat which is the TRU3 construction. The TRU3 construction blocks out all the negative vibrations and blocks out all the pain that comes with the ball jamming you. It just makes hitting that much more enjoyable. Lastly, it makes hitting every ball just feel effortless. Every time you hit the ball, it feels like you hit it right on the sweet spot. So, be sure to order your bat today. model: FPLX18A9
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