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Louisville Slugger End Loaded Z4 WTLZ4U17E USSSA Slowpitch Bat

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Louisville Slugger End Loaded Z4 WTLZ4U17E USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Louisville Slugger End Loaded Z4 WTLZ4U17E USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat is a world class bat that has a slight enload. To start, to make this bat, Louisville Slugger has put their famous TRU3 construction. The TRU3 construction, which has a patent on it, reduces vibration and provides a a great feel on contact while hitting. Nobody likes when they hit the ball too close to their hands. The shock and vibrations are sent through your hands. This may not happen so often in slowpitch. However, the feel this technology brings to this bat makes every hit enjoyable.

The Louisville Slugger Z4 Design

They make this bat with a complete composite design. Composite bats have become the norm in fastpitch and slowpitch softball, so it makes sense that they have done this. The composite bats are the best bats out there today. Composite bats have become so good over the years they have had to put limitations on them and have even put bans on them in most youth leagues. So, in the game of slowpitch, this two-piece design is one of the best in the Louisville Slugger arsenal. They make two models of the Z4 for the USSSA series. They make the Z4 with a balance feel and one with an enload. In this case, this is the enoladed model. Many people like the enolad style in slowpitch softball because they can get more momentum behind the ball. And, since no one is going to be able to blow the ball passed you, a slight enload may help you as a hitter.

Friction Blast Finish

Lastly, they have put a friction blast finish on the barrel. In order to keep the bat in top shape all the time from hitting balls all day and scratches, the finish is very important. A bat is only going to last many seasons and years if it is in good shape. They have put this friction blast finish on this bat so you can get as much out of this bat as possible.
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