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Easton Z7/Z6 Baseball/Softball Mask

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Protective Gear
Baseball and softball players looking for some added facial protection for their at-bats, should turn to the Easton Sporting Goods company to help. One of the best hitter face masks offered today is this Easton Z7/Z6 Baseball/Softball Mask. It is a mask that will give you an increased level of safety while in the batter's box. It will also not inhibit your ability to see the field around you. Get ready to feel more confident as you swing away this season, when wearing this wonderful mask. It is available here on the Baseball Bargains website for a great low price tag. Here are some of the reasons why it is a must order item. The bars on this mask contain super strong steel wire material. These wires will absolutely be able to stand up to anything that comes in the direction of your face on a baseball or softball field. You will not have to worry about your face ever being in harm's way again. This mask has been approved by the NOCSAE for balls no smaller than 9 inches in circumference. This all-new item also comes with a two-point connection system, and allows for great hitter visibility. While other protective masks may obstruct parts of a hitter's view, that will never happen with his great mask. All hitters know how important vision is at the plate, and how you cannot afford to lose it in anyway. With this mask you will never have to. The Easton Z7/Z6 Baseball/Softball Mask comes in one size, and works with all versions of the Easton Z7/Z6 batting helmets. The bars come in a great black coloring. Whether it is to protect yourself from injury or meet the regulations of your league, the Easton Z7/Z6 Baseball/Softball Mask is a great hitter's tool. So, order this awesome item today on the Baseball Bargains website.
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