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Easton Salvo SVSM 3 13.5 in First Basemans Softball Mitt

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Softball Gloves

Easton Salvo SVSM 3 13.5 in First Basemans Softball Mitt Features:

The Easton Salvo SVSM 3 13.5 in First Basemans Softball Mitt is catered to the slowpitch softball game. Too often we see slowpitch players without the proper equipment at first base. To solve that problem Easton created this 13.5-inch first basemen's mitt with exclusive 365 Cowhide that provides incredible durability and unprecedented feel. The leather comes strategically layered with mesh lining to increase flexability . This also shaves off unwanted weight for quicker reaction time. A Double Deep Palm design helps create a glove that can easily accommodate the larger softball size. The VRS Shock absorbing palm padding absorbs the impact of that softball and reduces painful stinging. In addition, for a boost in control, the 2016 model will feature a redesigned Lock Down Wrist Strap for a complete, confident fit that will translate to a more improved game. It can be tempting to just choose any one of the dozens of first baseman's mitts on the market. But understanding the demands and dangers of the position, it is more important to choose a glove that fits the individual. Trying the glove on is always the best option but the next best choice is to understand your needs. Smaller hands need different protection than larger ones. Fragile bones and critical joints risk exposure and injury in gloves that are too big. Those looking to move up a size should keep their old glove close at hand for comparison and to use during break-in time.

Easton Salvo First Base Mitt

Easton built this mitt with a thorough understanding of the position. In the thick of nearly every infield play, the first baseman must have a mitt that can hold up to the work load. If you are looking for a mitt that will hold up and is player-friendly this is the one for you. Easton Salvo first base glove features:
  • 365 Cowhide Leather
  • Double Deep Palm
  • Lock Down Wrist Strap
  • VRS Palm Pad
  • A130 542
  • SVSM3
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