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The Easton S650 YBB18S650 USA Drop 5 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

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Sku: A112880-32-27oz

Easton S650 YBB18S650 USA Drop 5 Big Barrel Baseball Bat:

The Easton S650 YBB18S650 USA Drop 5 Big Barrel Baseball Bat is the closest you can get to the typical -3 length-to-weight ratio for a bat without actually getting there. The benefit to this, is swinging a bat that is neither to lightweight, nor too heavy. So when you graduate from the youth level onto the amateur circuit, you'll know what to expect without being overmatched from the onset. A staple of the offensive market, this bat also features:
  • 7050 aircraft alloy
  • An ultra-thin 29/32'' tapered handle
  • Spoked end cap
  • 2 5/8''
  • Sizes: 27in 18 oz.; 28in. 19 oz.; 29in. 20 oz.; 30in. 21 oz.; 31in. 22 oz.; 32in. 23 oz.
The aircraft alloy provides a fast swing speed and the spoked end cap stores the power. Are you satisfied with your current station in the game, or have you been searching for more? If the answer is the latter, then look no further. Easton's Speed Brigade Series S650 USA -5 bat is the bat for you. So, make sure you add it to your shopping cart and head to checkout.

USA Baseball Bat Certification and More:

It is important for a youth to experience either wood bat usage or wood-like performance at any early age. That way, they will not be inexperienced or underexposed when they reach the upper levels. Luckily, USA certified bats provide this experience. While they are not wood bats, they produce the feeling. That unique sense a batter adopts when they realize that unless they take a mechanically sound approach to their swing, the ball won't travel where they want it to. Where USA bats like the Easton S650 YBB18S650 -5 lack in exit velocity, they make up for with an enhanced barrel. So, you will put more balls in play. The bat empowers the batter as long as they have what it takes to tap into what lies beneath the bat's surface and contained by its spoked end cap. So, buy this bat available in 30-32in. and 25-27 oz. models today, and you'll power your way to an All-star caliber season! SKU: A112 880 Model: YBB18S650
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