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Easton S450 USSSA Drop 11 Baseball Bat - JBBS45011

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Easton S450 USSSA Drop 11 Baseball Bat - JBBS45011:

The Easton S450 USSSA Drop 11 Baseball Bat - JBBS45011 is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Its a power-savvy offensive juggernaut built with ALX50 military grade aluminum construction. This material provides extended durability. Additionally, an Ultra-thin 29/32'' tapered handle wraps an extra layer of cushioning around its tacky All-Sports Grip. Where its handle thrives, the barrel performs even more so. With undiminished authority, the Easton S450 USSSA Drop 11 rakes. It consume balls at its sweet spot and sends them far away packing. If you've longed for the bat that will reward you for hard work on mechanics and form, then look no further. This bat will help you and others realize the stellar ballplayer that you are.

USSSA Certification and Easton Dependability:

USSSA Certification opens up the door to untapped power. In the era of USSSA on the youth level and BBCOR beyond, you'd be hard pressed to find a bat that does not put a limit on how much power and explosion you can generate. However, the continuation of USSSA production means as long as you are given the green light, their bats will be permitted use in tournament play. Bats like Easton's Speed Brigade series S450 Drop 11 especially will serve as automatic batting average and slugging percentage increasers when placed in the hands of a young and eager batter. Never again will a player underestimate how intimidation can give them the edge. Easton prides themselves on helping revive the de-standardized. Why else do you think they are the company that most prevalently offers USSSA bats? While they also explore other certifications, no statement can be made better than their continued support of USSSA in spite of its being replaced by USA. So don't try your hand elsewhere today. Buy your Easton S450 USSSA Drop 11 Baseball Bat - JBBS45011 from Baseball Bargains. If you do, you will know soon enough just how much raw power you truly possess! SKU: A112 864 Model: JBBS45011
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