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Easton S150 USA Drop 10 Youth Baseball Bat - YSB18S150

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Easton S150 USA Drop 10 Youth Baseball Bat - YSB18S150:

The Easton S150 USA Drop 10 Youth Baseball Bat - YSB18S150 is an extremely affordable youth bat. This slick-looking, Orange, back, and blue bat is a perfect example of how the trifecta of excellence - comfort, performance, and style - can go along way toward preparing a youth ballplayer. If the bat feels good, that's one last distraction. If it looks good, that takes care of the fear factor. So the hitter will have the upper hand over the pitcher as he steps into the box. And lastly, if it performs, it's a bat that obviously rakes as much as the company who produces it promises it would. So don't take a chance; take this guarantee, by purchasing the Easton S150 USA Drop 10 Youth Baseball Bat and you'll be counting your blessings all season long!

  • AXL50 military grade aluminum construction for extended durability
  • an ultra-thin 29/32'' tapeRed handle with cushioned and tacky All-Sports grip
  • a full rolled over alloy end

USA Baseball Bat Certification and Easton Bats:

USA bats exemplifies the phrase, ""you don't know what you have until its gone." When you're at the advanced, upper levels, using wood bats day in and day out, you'll remember the days of old spent with your USA bat, and thank it for all it prepaRed you for. It's a bat that comes built with 10% diminished exit velocity. This means that if you don't square up the ball with pinpoint form and mechanics, the ball won't travel where you want it to.

Easton has collaborated with this bat certification series to distinguish themselves as the elite tier brand. While this has proven true for a nearly a century, this move toward the future suggests anything but slowing down. To constantly make production adjustments sets an example for the batter requiRed to undergo adjustments as well. Thus, a bat like their S150 Drop 10 - YSB18S150 reflects a mutually shaRed bond between company and customer.åÊ So, buy yours from Baseball Bargains today, and you can take part in this relationship firsthand!

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Model: YSB18S150

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