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Easton Professional Collection F73 12.75" Outfield Glove

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Sku: A130508-right-hand-throw

Easton Professional Collection F73 12.75" Outfield Glove

The Easton Professional Collection F73 12.75" Outfield Glove is a large model defensive juggernaut. Fittingly, its the perfect size for the outfielder who requires maximum surface coverage with an enhanced H Webbing and longer fingers.

Like the smaller models, this glove too is headlined by:

  • PREMIUM RESERVE USA steer hide leather
  • 60 percent player break in
  • Hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining provides the iltimate in comfort and control
  • Cushioned pinky and thumb loops for unmatched fit and feel
  • Split leather welting
  • USA tanned professional rawhide lace with tensile strength of 100lbs. for maximum durability

Such features and their subsequent attributes lend one of the most durable, performance heavy gloves in the game. So why try your hand with another company when you know what you re getting with Easton? Their Professional 1275" glove will turn an average, good player into an elite caliber one, and help them write their own legacy in permanent ink.

Additionally, this glove helps maximize ball transfers. The baseball will remain compact within the interior of the glove to ensure a catch, but will not be too restrained to the point where an outfielder can t quickly throw the ball into the infield or to the plate. Therefore, they ll be able to do just that without the worry of a scoop letting loose or a palmer ricocheting off the glove and out it.

Easton Outfield Glove Dependability:

For nearly a century, Easton has dominated. They ve done so by manufacturing their products with the customer in mind at all times. While most companies can sell products by delivering a line, Easton takes it one step further. Their proof is in their immaculate record as the supplier that outdoes all other suppliers.

As a result, you will not know for sure just how incredible their Professional Collection F73 12.75" Outfield Glove is until you purchase it and see for yourself. So buy yours from Baseball Bargains today and you will be counting your blessings by tomorrow!

SKU: A130 508

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