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Easton Professional Collection C32 11.75" Infield Glove

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Easton Professional Collection C32 11.75" Infield Glove

The Easton Professional Collection C32 11.75" Infield Glove is a single post webbed, right-handed throwing infielder's delight. Slightly larger than the average infielder glove, the glove lends the bridge between 11.50'' and 12.00'' for the fielder not interested in having their glove feel too small or big.

PREMIUM RESERVE USA steer hide leather, hand oiled PRIMASOFT cowhide lining, USA tanned pro rawhide lacing, 60 percent player break in, cushioned pinky and thumb loops, and split leather welting headline this new fielding market staple. They do so because together, they help the glove provide the excellence in comfort, performance, and style that a serious ballplayer deserves. So if you want the glove that will transform your game as soon as today, then this is the glove you should use to play.

Easton Baseball Gloves Dependability:

For nearly a century, Easton has been regarded as one of the most trustworthy companies in the game. They have built a brand on devotion to customers and a mutual appreciation between corporation and fanbase. That is why when Easton promises a can't miss product, you should take them for their work. There is no better example than their Professional Collection C32 11.75" Infield Glove. It's an 11.75'' Goldmine where screaming line drives go to die. That Easton promises comfort, performance, and style in all of their products, while true, is not enough anymore. What is, however, is actually seeing for yourself by purchasing yours and testing it out. Once the break-in process has concluded, slip yours on and discover just how endless the possibilities it provides are..

Moreover, just having one fielder patrolling the infield with this beast of a glove can definitely change the course of a game. Now imagine an entire infield worth of ballplayers donning this premier grade defensive weapon? It is only a matter of time before people pick up on how valuable a glove it is. So buy your Easton Professional Collection C32 11.75" Infield Glove today before someone else does!

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