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Easton Mako Legacy 233DBG 33 in Catcher's Mitt

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Sku: A130606

From the Easton Sporting Goods Company, comes the brand new Easton Mako Legacy line of gloves. This Easton Mako Legacy 233DBG is one of the great selections from this line, and is a fantastic choice for players positioned behind the plate. This incredibly well constructed mitt will allow catching players to get a hold of every ball that winds up in their direction, and transfer balls in and out of their glove at high speeds. All of the Easton Mako Legacy gloves come made out of Premium HERO kip leather tanned material. This material not only looks great, but also makes the glove quitedurable. This will likely be a glove you can use for multiple seasons, without it wearing down. The material of this glove also gives it an easy and fast break-in time.

This glove will be ready for action, almost as soon as you are. This Easton Mako Legacy 233DBG glove is also one of the most comfortable mitt‰۪s around. Its interior has cushioned pinky and thumb loops, which gives users an unmatched fit and feel on their fielding hand. It also comes with hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining, giving fielders even more comfort and control in their glove hand. The product also features Dynamic 2X finger wetting, which gives the player wearing it improved finger articulation. It also gives the glove a better pocket shape. The glove comes complete with USA tanned professional rawhide lacing. This lacing not only looks attractive, but gives the glove the tensile strength of 100 pounds. This item has a very professional appearance.

The Easton company logo is proudly displayed on the wrist of this glove, and the Mako logo is present on the upper part of the mitt. This glove is available for right handed throwers only. It features a 33-inch catcher‰۪s pattern design. The company in which this baseball bat comes from is Easton, a sporting goods seller that has developed a tremendous track record in producing top of the line baseball equipment. When choosing to purchase a sporting goods item that you plan on using frequently, choosing the Easton company is without a doubt the way to go. It is never idea to buy from one of the best. The Easton Mako Legacy 233DBG is a top fielding tool choice for players at the catcher position, and is available now on the Baseball Bargains website for a great price tag. Order this glove as soon as possible!

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