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Easton Mako Legacy 1175DBG 11.75 in Baseball Glove

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The Easton Sporting Goods Company has already created a tremendous legacy for being one the best baseball equipment providers around. Now they are ready to help you create an amazing legacy in the game of baseball, and is giving fielders a chance to equip themselves with one the brand new gloves from the Easton Mako Legacy collection. This Easton Mako Legacy 1175DBG is one of the wonderful gloves from this line, and is a great choice for players positioned at on the left side of the infield. Shortstops and third basemen will never be more prepared to succeed, than they will be when wearing these gloves.

Easton has covered their gloves in some of their highest quality material. Premium HERO kip leather tanned material covers this item and proves to be super tough and long lasting. The material of this glove also gives it an easy and fast break-in time. This glove will be ready for action, almost as soon as you are. This Easton Mako Legacy 1175DBG glove also provides fielders with a top level hand comfort. Its interior has cushioned pinky and thumb loops, which gives users an unmatched fit and feel on their fielding hand. It also comes with hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining, giving fielders even more comfort and control in their glove hand. Dynamic 2X finger wetting is also found in this glove, and can give the player wearing it improved finger articulation. The wetting also gives the glove a better pocket shape.

This item has a very attractive design, and also features the Easton company logo on the wrist of this glove, and Mako logo on the upper part of the mitt. This glove is available for right handed throwers only. It features a single post web and a 11.75-inch infield pattern. The Easton company really delivers with this item, which also comes at a great price tag. The Easton Easton Mako Legacy 1175DBG can help any infielder quickly make their mark on the game, and impress those watching them over and over again. Get ready to become a baseball great, when you order this item.

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