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Easton Mako II Catchers Helmet A165323

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Sku: A165323
Catchers Gear

Easton Mako II Catchers Helmet A165323 Features:

From the Easton Sporting Goods company, comes the Easton Mako II Catchers Helmet A165323. This is a product made to help give catchers a superior defensive performance this season. This catcher‰۪s helmet has been built to be highly protective and easy to use out on the field. As a result of all of the great features on this item, it is extremely difficult to pass up on. The Easton Mako II Catchers Helmet A165323 is a great choice for pretty much any adult level league catcher. It comes in a small size (6 1/8-7) and a large size (7-7 7/8), making it a model that a large number of players will love. This product guarantees its users a comfortable and snug fit out on the field. The helmet also is extremely lighweight, making it easy for pretty much any players to move around the plate while wearing it. The impact-resistant ABS plastic on this helmet, also makes it a great buy. The plastic looks great, as it is covered with a rubberized matte finish. The Zero Shock cage on this item also will help reduce any vibration and impact a catcher feels when they are struck by a ball, bat, or another player. The HyperLite EPP foam inside of the helmet also adds to the protection and comfort levels of this product. In addition, the helmet has NOCSEA approval. The catcher using it will appreciate this item. It offers a high removal speed. This will come in handy for helping a catcher come out on top during those extremely close plays on the field during a game. This catcher‰۪s helmet comes with a unique a design that truly looks like no other helmet around. It also is available to order in four different color options, which include black, navy, red, and royal. The company in which this fine catcher‰۪s helmet comes from is Easton. They are a sporting goods provider that has an outstanding reputation for producing high-end baseball and softball equipment. The people at Easton know what kind of equipment both major leaguers and youth players need to succeed in the game of baseball. When choosing to purchase a sporting goods item that you plan on using frequently, trusting the Easton company is always a great call. With a great snug fit, a highly protective exterior, and a fantastic looking design, the Easton Mako II Catchers Helmet A165323 truly is one of the best pieces of catcher‰۪s equipment on the market today. This catcher‰۪s helmet comes at a highly competitive price tag too. So make sure you scoop it up today on the Baseball Bargains website. Order now!
  • Snug
  • Rear cap designed for high-speed removal
  • Zero Shock Cage
  • ABS Plastic shell
  • Matte Finish
  • Hyperlite EPP
  • NOCSEA Approved
  • Large 7 ‰ÛÒ 7 7/8
  • Small 6 1/8 - 7
  • A165 323
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