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The Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRY 11.5 inch Infield Baseball Glove

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The Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRY 11.5 inch Infield Baseball Glove:

The Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRY 11.5 inch Infield Baseball Glove is headlined by some great features. JAPAN RESERVE leather provides an advanced feel. A built-in, 60 percent player break in establishes game-readiness. Hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining lends the ultimate control of the baseball once it has entered the glove. Next, the cushioned pink and thumb loops maximize performance. Additionally, rolled leather welting have incredible recuperative capabilities. Lastly, the USA tanned pro rawhide lacing completes the glove with unmatched durability. Therefore, you are looking at one strong baseball glove. These features collaborate to form one of the most essential pieces of defensive hardware on the market. So do not look elsewhere if you desire only the best. With the Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRY Infield Baseball Glove, there will never be any doubt. You will know you have the most impressive glove when you begin raking for your team, recording out after out.

Easton Baseball Glove Dependability:

Easton prides themselves on being one of the most trustworthy brands in the game. They have a long history of coming through in the clutch for their customers time and time again. Their Legacy Elite 1150NRY is no exception. It is a glove that breathes success from the second you start breaking it in. And if you eventually outgrow it, you can take comfort in the up and down consistency of the Legacy Elite Series. Each glove has mostly the same components and characteristics. This means a smooth transition onto larger models is in store. What better brand allegiance is there than committing to a style of glove that is guaranteed to rake regardless of the size you choose? Most can spend their whole careers struggling to find the right glove for them. Easton's Legacy Elite 1150NRY Infield Baseball Glove helps you avoid this all together. Your search is over. So buy yours from Baseball Bargains today and you will field your team to victory all season long! SKU: A130 676
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