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Easton Legacy Elite 1200NAT Baseball Pitchers Glove

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Easton Legacy Elite 1200NAT 12 inch Baseball Pitchers Glove:

The Easton Legacy Elite 1200NAT 12 inch Baseball Pitchers Glove benefits righty and lefty throwers alike. With a Split Solid Web, it relinquishes breathability for an extra layer of guaranteed catch ability compactness. Hence, this glove is a defensive rock; it will dominate wherever you wear it on the diamond thanks to some of its exemplary features. JAPAN RESERVE leather, hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining, and USA tanned pro rawhide lacing, to name a few. This trifecta complements another dynamic trio - Easton's promise of comfort, performance, and style - with impeccable poise. So, if you want to witness and wear greatness at the same time, then look no further. This glove is the glove for you. To maximize ball transfers, the Easton Legacy Elite 1200NAT 12 inch Baseball Pitchers Glove is the way to go. It covers a lot of surface with its 12.00in'' yet will not burden the fielder who wears it. In fact, it will feel as lightweight as any regular sided infield models, but with the added kicker --- it will catch more baseballs since it has the built-in capacity to cover more ground. Pitchers - so you want to become the fifth infielder that can equally contribute to an errorless defense after each pitch you have delivered? With this glove, you are guaranteed this, plus a fast track to the next level laid out for you. You can't beat that.

Easton Gloves Dependability:

Easton is a company that prides themselves on offering the best of the best. For nearly a century, their products have have cornered the market. Thus, you should not be quick to turn them down when they make a glove like the Legacy Elite 1200NAT available for purchase. With a 60 percent player break in, cushioned pinky and thumb loops, and rolled leather welting, its potential sees no boundaries. So buy yours from Baseball Bargains today and you will be killing late game rallies all season long! SKU: A130 680
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