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Easton Legacy Elite 1176NAT 11.75 inch Baseball Glove

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Easton Legacy Elite 1176NAT 11.75 inch Infield and Pitchers Baseball Glove:

The Easton Legacy Elite 1176NAT 11.75 inch Infield and Pitchers Baseball Glove has cornered the market. Some of its headlining features include a unique Grip-T Web, JAPAN RESERVE leather, and hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining. This trio of excellence helps ensure compactness and glove-to-hand ball transfers. For the infielder and pitcher who value defense, this glove is the ideal choice. In fact, it will turn any locked in pitcher into the fifth infielder on the diamond. It will also allow any outfielder to hold their own in the infield if called upon to. This is thanks to an 11.76'' size, nearly a halfway point between the average sized 11.50'' and larger sized 12.00'' models.

Easton Baseball Glove Dependability:

USA tanned pro rawhide lacing, a 60 percent player break in, cushioned pinky and thumb loops, and rolled leather welting complete the components that carry this premier piece of defensive weaponry. All of these additional features collaborate together to enhance the feel and performance of the glove. If you had been an infielder before, the Easton Legacy Elite 1176NAT Infield/Pitcher Baseball Glove is your ticket back. So do not pass up the opportunity; welcome it by demonstrating how slick you can pick it. Are you OK just settling with your position reassignment, or do you want to fight to get back to where you can impact the most amount of games? If your answer is the latter, then the only one who will be nervous is the batter. When they see you patrolling the diamond, they will know their batting average will plummet by day's end. The proof is in the series' reputation for repetition. Yet until you try it out yourself, you will never really know for sure. So come buy your Easton Legacy Elite 1176NAT Infield/Pitcher Baseball Glove from Baseball Bargains today and you will be counting your blessings by tomorrow! SKU: A130 679
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