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Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRD 11.5 inch Infield Baseball Glove

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Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRD 11.5 inch Infield Baseball Glove:

The Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRD 11.5 inch Infield Baseball Glove features some top-of-the-line components. These components help make this Easton infield glove a defensive essential. Some of these include JAPAN RESERVE leather, Hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining, and USA tanned pro rawhide lacing. This trio offers an advanced feel, ultimate control, and unmatched durability, respectively. In addition, the Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRD incorporates an I-Webbing capable of solidifying the glove's impact potential. This is an ideal benefit for the right-handed infielder smart enough to wear the glove. If you ever had doubts or second thoughts about a glove you used in the past, then that glove likely had either a physical or intangible default. But the Legacy Elite series' tan infield baseball glove will erase all pre-conceived notions you have racing through your mind. From the first inning you play with it, you'll realize that what was once all in your head will now fade away into thin air. Now, all you'll have to think about is honing in on your mechanics so your glove can take care of the rest.

Additional Features and Easton Gloves Dependability:

The Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRD Infield Baseball Glove has a 60 percent player break in. This means it's built to be closer to game ready than your average glove from a different company or series is upon purchase. It also has cushioned pinky and thumb loops and rolled leather welting for an unmatched fit and superior feel. The protective nature of this glove sees no boundaries. Neither does its value on style and long lasting performance. If you want the glove that'll seal you an above average fielding percentage, then look no further. This glove is the glove for you. When you put your faith in Easton, you trust that they'll come through for you in the clutch. So buy your Easton Legacy Elite 1150NRD Infield Baseball Glove from Baseball Bargains today! If you do, you'll know what it means to come through in the clutch for your team on the defensive side of the game for multiple years on end! SKU: A130 675
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