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Easton Flex Softball Lifestyle Bag

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Sku: A159026
Equipment Bags
If you are a player looking for a slimmer looking equipment bag that still more than gets the job done, the Easton Flex Softball Lifestyle Bag A159 026 is the one for you. This bag has a compact exterior design. It also has plenty of fine features in its construction that make it a great carrying tool. This equipment bag will end up being an incredibly useful item for players during their next season of play. Here are just a few reasons why that is the case. The Easton Flex Softball Lifestyle A159 026 manages to be quite spacious, a fact that you can see through the bag's 20__ L x 7__ W x 12.5__ H dimensions. Players will have absolutely no problem fitting their game day equipment inside of the bag. The bag can even hold softball bats. There will no longer need to be multiple trips of carrying equipment from the car to the field. With this bag, you will only need to take one trip. The bag also has a pocket specially designed to hold small valuable items. This will help items like your cell phone, wallet, music devices, and jewelry will stay protected. Having the peace of mind that your valuables are safe will be very helpful when you are out on the field trying to focus on the game in front of you. This bag also includes an external personal pocket. This is a product that should last players over the course of many seasons. It comes made with several high quality zippers. This fine player equipment bag comes from Easton. Easton is a company with a long tradition of manufacturing quality baseball and softball equipment. When choosing to purchase a sporting goods item that you plan on using frequently, going with a well-established and highly regarded company like Easton is always the right call. The Easton Flex Softball Lifestyle Bag is an ideal choice for player's looking for a carrying case that gets the job done, and looks stylish too. This bag is guaranteed to make any serious ballplayer's life easier. And you can now do so for just a small cost, as this item is available right here on the Baseball Bargains website at a very affordable price tag. Do not miss out on this incredibly useful bag. Order now for your next season of action!
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