Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150

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Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150

Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150

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Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150

The Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150 is made of DIAMOND PRO STEER leather which means it comes to you already broken in, feels great in your hand, and is very durable. It has everything you look for when buying a glove.

Pushing the boundaries of sports technology is what the Easton Sporting goods company has become known for, and with their brand new Easton Flagship line of gloves, why they have received that reputation becomes abundantly clear. This Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150 is loaded with lots of great new glove features, and is a fantastic choice for players positioned at second base, third base, and shortstop. This incredibly innovative mitt will allow defenders to be at their best in the field, and begin building their own baseball legacy.

All of the Easton Flagship gloves come made out of super strong Premium DIAMOND PRO STEER leather shell. This material not only looks great, but also makes the glove quite durable. The leather of this glove is also ahead of the curve, because it comes to users almost already broken in. Fielders will be able to use the glove in games almost immediately after they purchase it. This Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150 glove also has been constructed to provide its users with a superior level of comfort. Its interior has cushioned pinky and thumb loops, which gives users an unmatched fit and feel on their fielding hand.

Easton Flagship Features

It also comes with hand oiled classic palm and finger lining, giving fielders even more comfort and control in their glove hand. The product also features split grain leather welting, which gives the player wearing it improved finger articulation and their glove a better pocket shape. Not to be forgotten is the glove s USA tanned professional rawhide lacing. This lacing not only looks attractive, but gives the glove the tensile strength of 100 pounds. This glove is available for right handed throwers. It features an I-Web and a 11.5 inch infield pattern. When choosing Easton, you are choosing a company that always strives to do new and better things with its products. The Easton Flagship 11.5" Infield Glove FS1150 showcases that, and is a top fielding tool choice for infield players. Do not let this product get through your grasp. Order it today!

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