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Easton E500G Wheeled Team Bag *

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When it comes to equipment bags, the Easton company believes you should have abag that can do it all. That is why they have created the Easton E500G Wheeled Team Bag A159 022. This bag is not only affordable, but packed with great features that few other equipment carriers are able to match. This bag works great for both baseball and softball teams. Here are just a few of the reasons why this bag should have no problem carrying you and your team to victory this season.

One of the best things about the Easton E500G Wheeled Team Bag A159 022, is that it can carry multiple player bats in one trip. While other bags make the task of moving bats an exhausting one, this bag simplifies the process. This team bag also comes complete with a coated exterior that will help it fight against the elements. This bag can handle wind, rain, and even snow, without wearing down or breaking. It also includes an interior divider system, that will help it better organize your gear. The product has a large main compartment, that makes packing a game day or practice bag easier than ever before.

This wheeled team bag has several different storage pockets inside of it. It can even safely secure small valuables like cell phones, wallets, and jewelry. And insulated water bottle pockets are also included in this item. The Easton E500G Wheeled Team Bag A159 022 has a creative looking exterior, and a sharp professional appearance. It is also easy to customize to the player's personal liking. Easton, the maker of this fine bag, is a company ever athlete and sports fan knows. They have been a top producer in the baseball and softball games for years. They never seem to swing and miss on a product.

This bag is a real home run from Easton, and when you see the Easton logo on it, you will know right away that you have selected a real winning product. This equipment bag is easy to maneuver around, and does an A-plus of keeping baseball and softball equipment easy and safe. The Baseball Bargains company would love to help get you this team bag for your next season, so make sure you add it to your online shopping cart today!

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