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Easton Beast X USSSA -10 Baseball Bat - JBB18BX10

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Sku: A112862-27-17oz

Easton Beast X USSSA Drop 10 Baseball Bat - JBB18BX10:

The New Easton Beast X USSSA Drop 10 Baseball Bat - JBB18BX10 provides a maximum hitting surface on a lightweight alloy barrel. The All New Advanced Alloy Construction (ATAC) provides the strongest and most powerful aluminum barrel on the market. Its X-tended barrel design also gives the Red and Grey Easton Beast X USSSA Drop 10 a massive sweet spot for additional power. Lastly, its ultra-thin handle comes equipped with wrapped cushioning around a tacky, advanced feel All-Sports grip. Together, these components form an unmatched piece of offensive weaponry destined to drive in countless runs, this season and beyond.The Easton Beast X USSSA Drop 10 Baseball Bat - JBB18BX10 features:
  • Speed One-Piece ATAC Alloy Design
  • X-tended barrel design
  • Ultra-thin 29/32" ATAC alloy handle
  • Sizes: 25in. 15 oz.; 26in. 16 oz.; 27in. 17 oz.

USSSA Certification and Easton Beast Baseball Bat Dependability:

With USSSA Certification comes replenished bat speed and exit velocity lost among the current standard: USA youth bats. While Little League has de-regulated USSSA, tournament play is still fair game for these bats to rake. Just get the green light beforehand, and you will be ready to go. Their certified bats do damage like none other. Especially for the current crop of young batters that have only grown up with USA bats and their 10 % diminished acceleration. Whether you are a youth player on the verge of soaring through the ranks of each level, or on the brink of giving up the game, a USSSA bat will reinvigorate you. Especially the Beast X Drop 10, a 2 3/4 offensive juggernaut capable of hitting the ball harder and farther than you ever thought possible. Easton prides themselves on successfully reaching out to others like USSSA for impactful collaboration. They do so because with the customer satisfied, they can then assess how business was actually boosted as well. Why trust any other company than the one who puts the customer first and themselves second? So, buy your Easton Beast X USSSA Drop 10 Baseball Bat - JBB18BX10 from Baseball Bargains today to see the outstanding results shine through tomorrow! SKU: A112 862 Model: JBB18BX10
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