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Easton Beast Speed USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 YBB19BS10

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Sku: A112928-27-17oz

Easton Beast Speed USA Baseball Bat Drop 10, YBB19BS10

The Easton Beast Speed USA Baseball Bat Drop 10 YBB19BS10 is a one-piece, Black-barreled, white-handled offensive juggernaut. It provides barrel to handle acceleration like no other bat on the market. Balanced alloy throughout also offers the faster swing weight and optimal speeds upon the ball making contact with the bat that the serious ballplayer deserves. If you want the bat that will rake not only this season, but for multiple seasons on end, then look no further.

Additional features that also headline the Easton Beast Speed YBB19BS10 drop 10 bat include:

  • ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction)
  • Speed Balanced Swing Weight
  • SPEED CAP provides a more flexible and responsive barrel
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • 2 5/8 Barrel
  • Ultra-thin 29/32 ATAC alloy handle
  • LIZARD SKIN grip.
  • Sizes: 27in. 17oz.; 28in. 18 oz; 30in. 20 oz.; 31in. 21 oz.; 32in. 22 oz.

These features and each of their respective attributes all collaborate to provide one of the most sought after one-piece bats on the market. So, add it to your cart today.

USA Baseball Bat Dependability:

USA Bats have become the new youth standard in recent years. While BBCOR was shaping up the older tier of the amateur circuit, USA swooped in and revamped the composition of youth bat selections. Now, wood-like performance is guaranteed to instill in the minds of many youth ballplayers just how important it is to value mechanics and form over bat "pop." For with USA bats, especially Easton s Beast Speed YBB19BS10 if you don t take the perfect swing, the ball won t travel to where you want it to. Moreover, USA bats regulate the "trampoline effect." This means that when you walk up to the plate with them, they will display all the power in the world as long as you let it. This means buckling down by barreling up.

Unlike BBCOR, USA Bats are not limited to Drop 3 length to weight ratios. Therefore, you have a much wider selection when choosing a USA certified bat. So take advantage of what you get with the Easton Beast Speed YBB19BS10 Drop 10 Baseball Bat by purchasing it from Baseball Bargains today!

SKU: A112 928

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