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DeMarini Mercy WTDXMSP-17 Slowpitch Softball Bat

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DeMarini Mercy WTDXMSP-17 Slowpitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini Mercy WTDXMSP-17 Slowpitch Softball Bat is one of the coolest looking bats for players to have. It is a white bat with red designs that make for the perfect design. There's always the little things that help sell a bat. With the Mercy the design could be a seller for some. Not all people believe that what bat you has matters. So, if this is you, maybe you just want to have the best looking bat on the market. Among looking great, the DeMarini Mercy has great features that help players succeed on the field. The 4.One composite barrel is the perfect for players that want explosion. The design of the barrel is for maximum compression that explodes energy when the ball and bat makes contact. Everything in this bat helps it increase its performance. Also, even the end cap of the bat is designed to help the bat increase its bat. The Clutch 2 end cap on the Mercy helps distribute the bat's weight more evenly for a more comfortable swing. The handle of the bat is also 4.One composite, so the entire bat has the same feel to it. So, the point of this bat is to just have as much explosion as possible, so by having 4.One composite in both the barrel and handle, the result is explosion.

DeMarini Slowpitch Bats:

DeMarini is among the best bat companies in the game today, so when you choose the Mercy you're making the right choice. They also give slowpitch players options with this bat. There is two different weight options for this great bat. There is a drop 9 34 inch 25 ounce model. Also, there is the drop 8 model. The dimensions of this bat are 34 inches, 26 ounces. The DeMarini Mercy WTDXMSP-17 should be in consideration for your next slowpitch bat. Come find it at the Baseball Bargains website. Model: DXMSP-17
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