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All Star Vela 3 Finger FGSBV12.5 12.5 in Softball Glove

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Softball Gloves

All Star Vela 3 Finger FGSBV12.5 12.5 in Softball Glove Features:

The All Star Vela 3 Finger FGSBV12.5 12.5 inch Softball Glove is the perfect fielding tool for any outfielder looking to be near-perfect in the field this season. This fantastic mitt will vacuum up any ball that is hit its way, and help every softball player using it be at their best in the field during their next season. This product features an H-Web style, that gives fielders a wide and deep pocket to work with during games and practices. Not only does this glove provide a great fit, but it will help defenders grasp every ball that comes their way. When wearing the All Star Vela 3 Finger FGSBV12.5 12.5 in Softball Glove, you will never feel stiffness or pain. The glove comes equipped with an outstanding 3 Fing3r design. This design is guaranteed to provide players using it more comfort. It gives players more control out in the field. This product comes at a size of 12.5 inches. It weighs in at just under 2 pounds. This makes it an extremely light fielding tool. The glove's lightweight performance leather will help fielders get to balls quicker than ever in the field. If you are looking for a slightly smaller version of this glove, the very similar All Star Vela 3 Finger FGSBV12 12 in Softball Glove is also available for purchase on this site.

12.5 Softball Glove

The All Star Vela 3 Finger FGSBV12.5 has been constructed to be extremely durable. This 12.5 softball glove will not be one and done after the season is over. This could be a glove that lasts players years out on the field. Why waste your hard earned cash on a new mitt every spring? You can buy this long-lasting option at a great price.The glove looks great too, coming with a sharp looking All Star design. Both the fantastic looking All Star and Vela logos appear on the mitt in multiple locations. The fine lacing on this glove will also go far in impressing all of your teammates and friends. It is available to buy for both right handed and left handed players. This makes it a great fielding choice a large amount of softball players. Those that decide to purchase this fantastic softball mitt can feel good knowing that the product comes from a top of the line sporting goods manufacturer. All Star Sporting Goods, has developed a reputation as one of the best softball equipment providers in the industry. Over the years, the All Star company has aided thousands of players in putting together All Star level seasons. For those looking to play at an All Star level in the outfield this year, make sure you purchase the All Star Vela 3 Finger FGSBV12.5 12.5 in Softball Glove. This glove will never let you down in the field. It will help you take your defensive game to new heights in your next season. Do not miss out on this very affordably price product. Order this mitt as soon as possible!
  • The 12.5 Inch H-Web model
  • Lightweight performance leather
  • Velcro closure
  • GSBV12.5
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